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Lisa Kaplowitz is the co-founder and executive director of the Rutgers Center for Women in Business (CWIB), whose mission is to remove barriers, build community and empower women.  In 2020, she was honored as a “Woman on the Rise” by Paradigm for Parity. She has served on the Board of Directors of PowerPlay NYC and was a coach and mentor of Girls on the Run.  Lisa is a restless champion for gender equality and her advocacy began as a scholar-athlete at Brown University, when she was part of the landmark Title IX case that added more varsity athletic opportunities for women.  In 2018, she launched Brown Athletics WOMEN, an affinity group for current and alumni student-athletes and was inducted in the Brown University Athletics Hall of Fame. Her work has been featured on Bloomberg TV and in Forbes, CFO Magazine and She continues to champion gender equity at work and in the home, alongside her husband and teenage sons.

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TEDx and Television

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Gender equity can, and should, be championed both in the workforce and at home. Lisa Kaplowitz talked about her professional endeavors as impacted by gender equity, and her experimentation with the distribution of housework amongst her two teenage boys as a microcosm of what should, and can, be done in the workforce.

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In this Bloomberg Quicktake, Rutgers Center for Women in Business Director Lisa Kaplowitz talks about the challenges working women faced, especially during the pandemic. She also offered advice and personal anecdotes on things that worked for her family.

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On this episode of "Bloomberg Equality," Lisa Kaplowitz, finance professor at Rutgers University and the co-founder and executive director of the Rutgers Center for Women in Business, looks at how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting women in the financial-services industry. She speaks with Bloomberg's Haidi Stroud-Watts and Shery Ahn.

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NJ Spotlight News: 

What parents can do to find work-life balance at home

With many employees in NJ still working from home, parents are struggling to find a work-life balance as they juggle their day jobs and their child's health and education. Rhonda Schaffler speaks with Lisa Kaplowitz, director of the Rutgers Business School's Center for Women in Business, about changing roles and responsibilities at home and how parents can improve their mental health by taking advantage of working from home.

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Formidable over Forty - Redefining Gender Equity

Lisa shares her learnings in gender equity, explaining how we need to reframe our approach and unlearn societal norms, moving from policy, to practice, to culture. Lisa also gives valuable insight into finding your passion at the intersection of what you love and what you’re good at, and feeling empowered to pivot when you need a change of direction, learning lessons rather than staying stuck.

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Lisa Kaplowitz discusses the harmful ways women have to change themselves to fit the ideal worker image, and organizations that devalue anyone who differs from it. In an article for Harvard Business Review entitled, 5 Harmful Ways Women Feel They Must Adapt in Corporate America Lisa and two co-authors, Deepa Purushothaman and Lisen Stromberg, share findings from their research, Lisa outlines what these adaptations are and why they are ultimately harmful.

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Lisa Kaplowitz talks about the landmark gender equality lawsuit she was involved with in college, her battles with imposter syndrome, and the inspiration for founding Rutgers’ Center for Women in Business.

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Lisa Kaplowitz discusses why in-person interaction is a key aspect of developing the allies needed to thrive, why she began her professional career in investment banking, and the importance of surrounding yourself with smart friends.

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Cash is QUEEN! And there are times when it matters more than profits. Lisa Kaplowitz, assistant professor in the finance and economics dept at the Rutgers Business School, talks to us about the cash flow statement, working capital and the minimum cash you need to run your business.

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Lisa Kaplowitz talks about career pivoting and reinventing yourself, transitioning from investment banker to c-suite executive to finance professor and the launch of the Women in Business Initiative at Rutgers Business School.


Professor Kaplowitz talks about her career, women and business.

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Book Contributions


Contributing Author

Co-authored the chapter, "Why Don't Women Choose Investing Careers? The Undergraduate Pipeline," which analyzes and discusses what is holding college women from entering the field.


Contributing Author

Co-authored the chapter, "Lessons from the Graveyard: Why Start-ups Fail," which analyzes why many companies did not survive the crash.

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