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Workshops: Welcome

Combining her years of experience as a CFO and finance professor, Lisa offers an array of workshops for managers and executives to acquire basic financial acumen and learn how to use finance in their decision-making.

Workshops: Features
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Owning That P&L

Available in Virtual or In-Person Format, Contact for Pricing

Every executive, regardless of industry of function, needs to know how to read financial statements and understand the story they tell about the business.  Whether you are a line manager in charge of a profit center, the owner of your own business, or on a management track, it’s important to know how to create a budget, direct supporting finance units and achieve financial targets. This workshop will provide you with a better understanding of how to own that P&L, including establishing revenue and cost projections, quantifying the key drivers of your business and setting meaningful measures of success.

Cash is King (or Queen)

Available in Virtual or In-Person Format, Contact for Pricing

There are times in a company's lifecycle when it needs to prioritize cash over profitability. In this workshop, learn about how to maximize cash flow, optimize working capital and determine the minimum cash required to run your business.

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Workshops: Features
Discussing the Numbers

Leveraging the Finance Department for Growth

Available in Virtual or In-Person Format, Contact for Pricing

The CFO is a valuable business partner, but are you maximizing the value of the CFO office by using finance to help guide strategic decision making? Regardless of the stage in the product life cycle, CEOs grapple with the same question: Is our company growing as quickly and efficiently as it could? Learn how track which key metrics drive the business and develop compensation structures that link to the tactical execution of the strategy. This workshop is for those who want to maximize the CEO-CFO partnership and create a framework for measuring success and linking compensation to the bottom line.

Workshops: Features
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