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Kaplowitz Advisory Group (KAG) was established in 2013 to apply financial acumen to strategic decision making throughout a company's life cycle.

Start-Up Companies

KAG works with founders through the initial stages of company creation, including the formulation of a value proposition and business model and assists in the capital raising process.

Venture and PE-backed Companies

KAG works with venture capital and private-equity backed companies to create the necessary infrastructure, processes and controls to create grow profitably and efficiently without getting buried in bureaucracy and red tape. 

Late-Stage Companies

KAG advises mature companies with strategic planning initiatives including execution, implementation, alignment, prioritization of initiatives and measures of effectiveness. 

Executive Management Support

KAG provides executive management support as needed in all functional areas (including operations, finance, legal and supply chain management) as an interim or part-time CEO/Pres/CFO/COO.  Deep functional expertise in roles and responsibility alignment, working capital management, capital raising, acquisition integration, RFPs and contract negotiation.

Board Advisory

Lisa Kaplowitz is available for private and public company boards and can serve on compensation and audit committees.  Industry expertise in retail, consumer, leisure, health & wellness, and hospitality sectors.

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